Technology Filmmaking and Photography Society

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Technology Filmmaking and Photography Society, IIT Kharagpur

TFPS, as it's better known, is the official society of the institute for students interested in filmmaking, photography and film-appreciation, with a highly active presence on YouTube and Instagram.

Founded in 2010 by film enthusiasts Ravi Sinha, Gaurav Kumar, Vasu Kamboj and Kaustubh Khare, TFPS has come a long way in promoting filmmaking and film appreciation among the campus fraternity as well as outside. It has also been a launchpad for students interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry, with one of the alumni producing a national-award winning film.

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A compilation of memories that were painted on the canvas of time, with cameras as brushes and imagination as the very paint.


Some of our best work, brought to life by an ever passionate and hard-working cast and crew.


The artificial retina; the view from the soul's window.

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